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This site is provided to assist breeders, the OSPF, show managers, exhibitors and those who are simply interested in promoting, selling, showing and gaining information on Standard Bred Exhibition Poultry in and around the country.

Show Managers and Breeders are encouraged to submit your show information and breeder information to us for this site. There is no charge for this service. We also would like to receive high quality pictures of your birds and your show results for this site. Please include your name, city, state and contact information including e-mail address and phone numbers. Send all information to Richard Peters by e-mail.

Send us your e-mail address to receive all our show, testing clinics and poultry information on a regular basis. We do not share our mailing list with anyone so your e-mail info is secure and safe. Send your E-mail request along with your name and your home state to apajudge1009@aol.com

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2015 Oklahoma 4-H Poultry Field Day
Cleveland County Fairgrounds - Norman, OK
* Jr. Prospect Show (birds hatched in 2015 only
(birds will be judged on growth development, feather development, size and condition for age, symmetry, breed characteristics, handling ability) 
Entry Form  -  Schedule of Events 
* Jr Showmanship Contest (Pee Wee, Intermediate and Junior divisons are offered)
* Open & Junior Judging Contest
* Poultry Testing Seminar
* Pizza Party (free but $5.00 dontion suggested)
* Incubation Seminar
* Show Preparation Seminar, washing and grooming
Much More...

Brand New APA Standard of Perfection awarded to the Outstanding Junior Over-All who shows prospect birds, enters the Showmanship Contest, judges in the junior judging contest, etc.

Everyone is invited to attend all our Seminars, Junior Prospect Show, Judging Contest, Junior Showmanship Contests. Out of state poultry enthusiasts are welcome.

Contact Jessica Dunlap - Cleveland County 4-H Poultry Advisor or Heather Summers - Multi County 4-H Leader  for more info & entries

Event Staff Includes: Heather Summers, Jessica Dunlap, John McDaniel, Richard Peters, Johnny Files, etc



Canadian Valley Poultry Club
Fall Show

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Norman, OK.

Large Fowl, Bantam, Geese, Ducks, Turkeys

Open Division - Junior Division

Junior & Open Judging Contest

Junior Showmanship Contest

MANY more details later - Entry Form Coming Soon

Sign Up Your Breed Club for State, Regional or Special Show by June 15th, 2015 - HERE


* New Oklahoma State Poultry Federation Web Site
Judges Announced - Show Date 12-12-15, Shawnee, OK

* 2015 State Poultry Federation Show will be posted soon
More Info Available Soon

We Support The

2015 99th Annual Oklahoma State Poultry Show

2015 Show Premium Catalog - E-mail Request
To receive your 2015 Show catalog by e-mail simply send us an e-mail with "Show Catalog" on the subject line. They will be available sometime in the Fall.

Show Support Staff Needed - We are working hard to improve and build our show but to do this effectively we need your support. Anyone who would like to get involved with the show and assist as a Clerk, be a runner for the Judges, simply contact Richard Peters by e-mail.

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