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~~ Flash News ~~

"The BIG One"
2013 Oklahoma State Poultry Show Information

2013 Show Catalogs are NOW available HERE

Andy Barnes - President, Oklahoma State Poultry Federation

E-mail Darrell Fowler - Show Secretary for 2013

Official OSPF Web Site
Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center, Shawnee, OK
Birds Will be released on Saturday after the show

Anyone who would like to help with the show should contact Darrell Fowler

Junior Show Benefit Auction was held on Saturday,  May 18th, 2013
P&H Auction Service, Newcastle Show Barn, Newcastle, OK
Scoots Hanes - 405-639-1572
$1,750.00 Raised In Junior Show Benefit Auction
100% of proceeds go to the 2013 Jr. Show in December.

Total Junior Show Cash Awards As Of 9-13-13 - $2,165.00

Open Show Judges
Steve Jones
Monty Fitzgerald
James Cooper
Dave Anderson
Eric Kutch

Junior Show
Jacob Bates
Richard Peters
Doug Connally

Youth Showmanship Judge
Jacob Bates

2013 Oklahoma State Poultry Show Staff/Chairmen
Advertising & Promotions
- Darrell Fowler
Fund Raising Committee
- Richard Peters, Don Gibson, Scoot Hames
Raffle Committee-
Richard Peters, Don Gibson

Show Superintendants
Open Bantams
- Nathan Chapman
Open Large Fowl - Michael Wolfe
Open Waterfowl & Turkeys
- Scoots Hames
Junior Division
- John McDaniel
Junior Show Specials
* New & Exciting Junior Show - Giant $$Cash$$ Awards

Grand Champion Jr. Large Fowl - $175.00
Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Large Fowl - $125.00
Grand Champion Jr. Bantam - $175.00
Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Bantam - $125.00
Grand Champion Junior Turkey - $75.00
Reserve Grand Champion Turkey - $15.00
Grand Champion Junior Waterfowl - $50.00
Super Grand Champion Over-All Junior - $200.00 Newcastle Poultry Club
BOS Super Grand Champion Junior - $200.00 Newcastle Poultry Club
Junior Showmanship Contest - $200.00 in Cash Prizes Contact Sherri Blakely
PLUS- Cash Prizes for all Jr Class Champions & BOS
$2,165.00 in Cash Prizes added to Junior Show and Junior Showmanship

** Special Notice About Junior Show Exhibitors **

Extreme Penalties will be enforced to those who attempt to show birds in the Junior Division who are not actual Junior Exhibitors or who do not own the birds they are showing. 3 year ban from this show to all violators.  Exceptions for young exhibitors are allowed and details will be in the Official Show Catalog.
This is a JUNIOR Show Awards are for Junior Exhibitors Only!
All Prize Money Amounts Will Be Superseded By Any Changes In The Official OSPF Catalog

* New & Exciting Raffle - Very Nice Items

* Cash Awards for Open Show Winners

* Huge Trophies, Beautiful Plaques, Special Cash Awards for both Junior & Open Shows

* Outstanding Collection of Judges

Catalog Coming Soon To This Site in both PDF and MS Word Format

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Special Note About The 2013 Show
We will have several pages of pictures and stories of the winners of this year's 2013 Oklahoma State Poultry Assn Show in Shawnee. We will be taking pictures and doing interviews of our Top Winners and the Breeders who are producing these birds. If you would like to be interviewed please contact us at the show. More later!


Oklahoma State Poultry Federation Officials
Andy Barnes

Vice President
John McDaniel

Derrell Fowler

Directors at Large
Richard Peters, Scoots Hanes, Michael Wolf, Don Gibson, Janice Hall, Ruth Wolf, Sherry Blakley, Ryeann Hoffman

Sherry Blakley

Reporting Show Secretary
Derrell Fowler

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